Each year millions of Startups fail and 80% is gone and bankrupt after first five years in business. Lack of skills, knowledge, relations and technology to plan, run, measure and follow up key performance indicators are proven to be the cause worldwide.


Improve is introducing the new standard to improve Startups and Scaleups. We give companies the opportunity to become members in a collaborative and connected ecosystem run and managed by a digital platform and technology to improve performance on any development phases.

Startups Community

” We help individual founders with self-assessment and to increase employability through skill and knowledge validation (Maturity Profile) and a customized plan for improvements. We help founders to get connected with other founders, mentors, investors and automate learning and knowledge in a simplified way.

We help incubators and accelerator vendors to improve their workflow by enabling our digital platform to manage performance and follow-up. We help investors and finances by getting access to view performance and actions in real time on KPI`s towards growth and revenue.

We help Mentors to run their Coaching in a measurable and sustainable way.

By doing this, we help the entire ecosystem work in a smarter and more efficient way.

At Improve Startups you will meet other Startups and connect with other founders. In addition you will get access to mentors, coaches and advisors who will help you with development of your company, team, go-to-market strategy, finances, law, leadership, sales and even funding!” 

Scaleups Community

Running a growth-phase company require skills on leadership and a growth-mindset. You have your product market fit, paying customers and your teams has evolved from a “group of people” to become “a team“, yet seeking to become a “high performing team“.

Your goals and strategies are aligned and customer satisfaction is at its peak. Yet you are looking for some new ideas, from other successful Scaleup-companies. You read about them in the paper and want to connect.

At Improve Digital Community you will meet likeminded people who share the same passion to disrupt and innovate. Please join us!