UN sustainability goals

The UN’s sustainability goals are the world’s joint work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030. There are a total of 17 goals and 169 sub-goals.

Improve Startups has selected sustainability goal number:

3; Good health and Quality of life,
4; Good education,
9; Industry innovation and infrastructure,
17; Cooperation

to reach the goals.

These are the 4 main areas we have chosen as our focus areas to contribute to sustainable development.


Our ambition is to improve performance and results related to E-health, Edu-tech, Prop-tech, Green-tech, Fin-tech, Ai-tech Startups and Scaleups with a focus on physical, mental, technical and social challenges – globally.

Global problem

Global health is on the World Health Organization (WHO) agenda as well as one of the UN’s 17 sustainable goals, both of which share a common ambition and vision to establish global measures that will create sustainable improvements in people’s physical, mental and social health.

As an example, it is now confirmed that more than 2 billion people in the world suffer from obesity and obesity. There are billions more of people struggling mentally and socially.

A global decision must be made to organize defined measures at an overall country level.

The improvement process must be holistic as well as utilize as well as integrate necessary technology in the systematization of improvement measures.

Our digital enhancement platform will make it easier to reach goals related to quality of life and lifestyle.

At the same time, our technology will make it easier for health care professionals to systematize improvement programs in patients both during training in hospitals but also at home.

In addition, health personnel will be able to develop and improve their own focus areas in management, communication, interaction and key figures.

Similar will Startups and Scaleups secure their national or global success in a systematic way.


Improve identifies and develops digital tools and platforms that strengthen and streamline performance- and result-related processes towards different target users.  Improve`s mission is to improve people’s business and personal health in a faster and more efficient way.

We target long-term business- and lifestyle changes and continuous follow-up of users.
By individually and customized improvement plans based on the individual’s own preconditions, ambitions and desires, a tailor-made program for personal development is developed at both the mental, social, technical and physical levels.
Short and long-term goals are set, and through personal follow-up and so- called user-communities (both IRL and virtual), the likelihood of achieving the desired effect and result is increased.

Digital Video Conferences is an effective way to systematize the process through our solution.

Digital platform

Improve has gathered all relevant information for users on one platform: Here you will be able to find your own program, your own results and progression, in addition to having an online community where you share experiences and give each other support and motivation in open or closed forums.

In addition, we want to incorporate artificial intelligence here to ensure higher quality and reduced time in the collection of patient data, including progress towards improvement areas, patient feedback to physiotherapist, psychologist, physician to regulate exercises in accordance with time, intensity, repetition and more. This ensures mastery and motivation as well as progress.

Innovation and sustainability

We are a company run by innovative and sustainable solutions that create lasting value and hope we can create this together with the health industry in Norway and abroad.