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My name is Finn Schløsser-Møller and I have started the company Praktisk forretningshjelp AS (practical help for business operations). I have run a business since I was 18 years old and have worked both in bad times and good times, with and without capital. I have then gained good and practical experience in all areas of running my own company.

Therefore, I can put myself in your exact situation in everyday life as a day-to-day manager, owner or as an entrepreneur.

Do you feel alone in everyday life and need someone to “talk” with, or need help with some practical issues?

Then the way is often long before you engage a “consultant” or “advisor”. There are many people with good expertise in a number of areas and processes. I myself have many times needed someone who has practical experience and who I could use for a few hours every now and then without suddenly getting bills for 10-thousands of kroner.

I can also help you and give you advice on board work, and your responsibilities in connection with carrying this out.

Therefore, I help you with the practicalities and enable you to carry out most of the work yourself without me having to bill you for many unnecessary hours myself. This way you want to use me more 😀. Then we will both be satisfied👍😉