Sales Effectiveness Training Solutions

Improve helps your sales force become more effective by providing a continuous learning environment.

Improve is a Norwegian sales training company with more than 3 decades of experience that offers sales effectiveness consulting and assessments. Our approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right sales activity and effective customer dialogues. Through our Sales Effectiveness System, we help you improve sales results. We do this in three ways to create a continuous learning and performance development loop:

  1. We diagnose and assess the talent and structure of your sales force
  2. We create customized solutions that leverages our building block sales training curriculum
  3. We reinforce learning to drive behaviour change through coaching and digital learning sustainment tools

Flexible Approach 

Our sales effectiveness training provides a versatile approach with each part, Define, Develop, Drive, being implemented separately or together for a complete solution. Given the breadth of our curriculum and tools, we can help you with one piece at a time, based on your biggest opportunity for sales lift and what needs attention first?

  • Lead generation?
  • Consistent selling process?
  • Opportunity management?
  • On-boarding?
  • Account development?
  • General selling dialogue skills?
  • Advanced insight creation and delivery?

Whatever it is, Improve can and will help your sales force become more efficient and get the results you want.

We bring all of this together by customizing your solution to the deepest levels in the industry for maximum relevance to your business. For more information, please contact us today to download the Sales Effectiveness System Curriculum map to see our full suite of services and curriculum.

Sales Effectiveness Solutions