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"White Label"

PaaS = Platform as a Service

«Platform as a Service – PaaS» is a platform-based cloud service that allows users to develop, run and manage applications without the complexity that comes from building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an application.

This is how Improve Startups AS was established in autumn 2020 where we wanted to offer the most complete platform to link Startups to Competence and Capital through a professional network of various players.

The supply of exciting start-up companies has never been greater and we would like to help more people succeed through our digital solution.

The solution can be used as:

  • internal system to develop own organization as well
    externally in relation to developing customers (Startups/Scaleups) and partners/suppliers in Norway and abroad.
  • facilitates development measurement (results and impact targets in relation to SIVA/Innovation Norway’s accelerator/incubation programmes) and reporting in relation to these.

Some advantages of the PaaS solution:

  • Relationship building.
  • Interaction.
  • Learning and competence development.
  • Consultant/Advisor/Investor Pool.
  • Booking Module.
  • Payment solution.
  • Member administration.
  • Webinar module.
  • News Feed.



Chat with managers and employees in real time. Send messages in real time, set up digital video meetings with Zoom integration.


Establish a competence profile / target plan for all Startups and plan a tailored development program that you follow via the Online Dashboard and Scorecard!

1 on 1

Call for 1 to 1 conversations and get the planning and development conversations in order in a structured and measurable way.


Systematize the development of goals via the Coaching Dashboard to have control over progression and results.

Goal management

Systematic goal management and follow-up of Startup's managers and teams that ensure progress, motivation, positive achievements and results!


Ensure interaction, communication and expertise sharing about the company's projects and accelerator programme!

User Structure

User role structure distributed on organization / team / individual level as well as role definition and delimitation in accordance with GDPR.


Invite investors and loan connections. Set goals, define activities, follow up and measure results via digital meetings.


Carry out and plan digital e-learning modules with knowledge tests and diplomas through our integrated Learning Management System.

Global Portal

Invite regional offices in Norway and abroad and create collaboration across national borders.


Record your digital meetings or Coaching conversations on video and share them with your employees.

Growth reporting

Plan, implement, measure and follow up key figures and achievements and streamline reporting to the board and owners.

Training Library

Advanced training library to systematize competence and ensure quality training exercises based on Accelerator programs.

Training Diary

Digital Training Diary for effective logging and evaluation of training exercises distributed among the individual Startups and Scaleups. This ensures good coaching and focus. (SaaS)


The individual Startups and Scaleups participant will receive SMS / E-Mail reminders regarding agreed training sessions in accordance with days and time. Logging and documentation of the amount of time used.

Job Module

Advertise positions, search for candidates, conduct digital interviews. As a candidate; search for positions, upload your CV.

Improvement Plan

Digital plan for defining focus areas, goals, measures, milestones for evaluating performance and results.


Upload documents, structures in folders, upload images, video, send email;


Establish open / private groups / forums to ensure collaboration, learning, best practices and competence sharing.

Webinars / Events

Invite Startups and Scaleups to digital webinars or physical seminars and build new relationships and knowledge.


Share knowledge and inspiration through newsletters and blogs and keep Startups and Scaleups updated on new knowledge through the portal. All mail and documents are logged in one place, which saves everyone time and frustration.

Pricing calculator

Please feel free to add number of users and you will see the investment cost below. PLUS-license is added. If you need extended modules and features, let us know.

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What happens next

Dedicated Server

Own brand
Through our «White Label Solution» we will offer a closed solution, on our own dedicated server, with your logo, colors and design, however Trademark Improve at the bottom of the page. When your internal employees and external members, partners, suppliers visit the platform, they will see and experience the company’s identity and branding.

99.9% uptime guarantee
Our IT supplier guarantees all customers 99.9% uptime for virtual servers. With us, you can be sure that you will not lose customers due to unavailability.

24/7 access to backup
Backups can be taken manually via the control panel whenever you wish. One backup of the server is included in the service. Restore from backup whenever you want.

We take responsibility for all IT support so you can concentrate on other things :).

Setup Fee (Onetime)

Company profile
We set up your company profile including company information, logo, adapt colors and design, images.

Person profile
We set up Super-admin, admin users in terms of personal information, contact information, skills profile, photo.

We set up a combination of Company and Person Profile in our booking module, as well as prices, product descriptions and images that illustrate their services. Up to 5 people thereafter in accordance with deal.


Process 1: Review the portal
We arrange a time to go through the portal so that you get a certain first impression of which functions and services we offer to your members.

Process 2: Company Profile – Person Profile
Company Profile and Person Profile are set up where the aim is to set up the company’s profile as well as respective consultants under our «Consultant» page. Here, our combined resources will be presented and, based on the services provided, these will be set up in the portal’s competence portal. These areas then become searchable for their members. We use a structured template for this work where we ask you to enter your information.

Process 3: Booking
The company and person profile’s expertise and services are set up in the solution’s booking module, where your members can easily search for, confirm and find consultants that match their needs. Furthermore, the member will enter when they are free for a meeting and the system searches for the next available time for a consultant. As of today, consultants must update their own calendar manually, but the goal is to get integration with Google and MS Outlook so that the calendar is automatically updated at all times. If the service is payable, payment from the member will be made before the actual meeting and the transaction will be managed by their company, which will then pay a share of the purchase price back to the consultant by further agreement.

Process 4: Marketing Social Media
After further structure and agreement, we profile the collaboration on selected social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. We are sending a finished template for this «Social Media Structure» which we will use as a template going forward. We can advantageously share this via Google Drive for real-time updates.

Process 5: Webinar and Forum Structure
In order to define current topics that you can implement in a Webinar, you will be sent a document that structures the type of Webinar and forum you will hold in the future. This will be part of the training process on how you set up and conduct such Webinars with internal/external participants. As of today, Zoom is integrated into the solution and you must have your own account there or you can use other digital video meetings such as Teams, however this is not integrated into the solution.

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