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Our deep knowledge and experience across a multitude of industries allows us to provide unique and valuable insight and counsel to our partners/clients.

Improve has provided services in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and in Norwegian and English languages for about 400+ companies in all sizes and industries. We can help your entire global sales organization overcome business development challenges and go-to-market successfully. While some of the world’s largest companies are our partners/clients, we’ve helped grow businesses of every size—from emerging startups to the Global 2000 and Fortune 500.

Below are just a few (400+) of the companies we’ve served:

Clients (Some)


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At Improve we have for long acknowledged the fact that we are not as strong alone so we have some dedicated partners to serve cutting edge knowledge. As a member you may book an appointment with one of these Mentors and Coaches saving you time and improving the quality of skills.


Mentors & Coaches

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